Including but not limited to:

Graphic Design

With over 15 years of experience, you can trust your business image is in good hands. We work with the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software and stay up on the latest trends. Whether your business is cutting edge or classic corporate, Creative Mix can tailor designs to appeal to your customers.

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Web Design

We offer a variety of web sites from simple one page informational to ecommerce and multi-user accounts.

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We love saving our clients time and money by providing printing for all your completed designs. We offer some printing in house but also work with a handful of vendors that deliver beautiful quality every time.

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Build your business online or offline. We will sit down with you and create marketing goals tailored for your business. Working together hand in hand ensures that we meet your budget and return goals.

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Publication Design

Our specialty is newspaper, newsletter, and magazine design. Owning a publication can be stressful when working with clients and deadlines. Creative Mix has many years of experience creating ads on the fly that exceeds your clients’ expectations.

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Events, Presentation and Expo Design

Creative Mix is like your best friend when planning an event. Enjoy the convenience of one stop shopping for your graphics, banners, presentations, and marketing. Let us worry about the deadlines and products while you get back to handling what you do best. No more do it yourself last minute boring presentations.

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Do you value dedication and loyalty? WE BUILD BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS. If you want to be more than a client, give us a call.
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